*It's Fall 2011 Fashion Week in NYC, so we're going to highlight some eco-chic designers, some do-it-yourself (or "tweak"-it-yourself) ideas and some other fashion minded treats.*

NY Fashion Week has been keeping me happily updated with eye candy this week and (tragically) inspired me to break my "no new clothes until November" rule by buying a new, wool, red hat.  I tried to "console" myself with my new purchase because it's wool- and that's sustainable, right? 

Anyway, it reminded me of an article I read on ecouterre about recently released statistics stating H&M as the #1 buyer of organic cotton in 2010. Nike and Target also made it on the top 10 list, which made me happy. It's great to see such big brands making eco- and fashion- friendly choices.

Worldwide, conventionally grown cotton farms use 25% of the worlds insecticides along with carcinogenic pesticides and practice unsustainable agricultural techniques. These issues create problems for many different reasons, but it worries me most when I consider that, in some areas, cotton is still picked by hand and the workers in those areas get sick from the toxic chemicals.

Also, consider the free t-shirt. How many times have you been to an event where you were given a t-shirt that did not even fit? As nice of a gesture as that is, consider that, according to the Organic Consumers Association, your new, ill fitting, tee needed 1/3 of a pound of agricultural chemicals to be born. That's not good at all.  So let's keep our eye on organic cotton and hope it gets bought more and more.

See below, new hat:
[thanks!-for the images: (1) cotton: http://www.organicfertilizersources.com/blog/organic-fertilizer-beyond-the-crap/top-5-reasons-to-buy-organic-cotton (2) www.americanapparel.com]