Last week, Ashlen and I went to the showing of the documentary "Truck Farm" at one of our favorite, local breweries, Schlafly Bottleworks. We both loved the short film about a guy transforming his old pick up into a micro garden on the move. Narrated by quirky songs and animations, the film makes you laugh while also making you think about innovative ways to increase our connection to what we eat.

After word about the first "Truck Farm" in New York got around, more truck farms were created. St. Louis was lucky enough to have Brian Desmet, manager of the Maplewood Farmers Market and urban farmer, create his own.

We got to meet Brian and Skype with creators of the film, Ian Cheney and Simon Beins at Schlafly. They provided some amusing anecdotes about getting pulled over by the police in the truck farm and answered our questions about the film (or not about the film- in the case of one man who was compelled to ask if having very white teeth was the result of eating fresh vegetables).

We think the truck farm is awesome! Keep your eye out for the truck farm/s and start thinking of your own innovative ways to grow food.  We would love to hear your ideas!


  1. Anonymous9/06/2011

    COOOOL!!!! I'm going to convince my dad to turn his old pick-up into a truck farm. Thanks for the inspirations, A&A!

  2. Hey should! It's such a great idea :)