Beginning this fall, tweaked(green) is offering comprehensive home energy audits! Ashlen and I spent our summer adding to our knowledge of building science and learning how to test homes and their systems for efficiency. We are now certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and are excited to use our skills to help you save money!
If you aren't familiar with energy auditing, it's a great way to "go green" without having to lift a finger. Professional auditors (like us!) come to your home and perform tests to find where hot or cold air is leaking and causing you to spend more money to condition your house. 

During the audit, we also test your homes insulation, furnace, hot water heater, air conditioning unit and ventilation for efficiency and safety. You would be surprised at how often appliances (even new ones) aren't performing to their set standards. After analyzing your home, we give you a full report on the changes your home needs and how you can make those changes.

We will continue to update you with tips, advice and news about saving energy! And if you are lucky enough to live in the St. Louis area, contact us to set up your audit!