*Thanks to my great, big brother for stepping in and writing this post. I had originally intended for him to write about interesting science things (he is a very talented science teacher), but then this came along (watch the video!) and also seemed suited to his interests...

from gizmag

Big Brother is Watching...

And looking out for cool new innovative technologies to send his little sister! Here is one she actually sent me that I found to be such an amazing idea that I had to write about it--so... like most big brothers when they see their siblings happy with an ice cream... I stole it, ate it, watched her cry and told her to toughen up!

Apparently its all about the poop. It starts with poop, moves with poop, collects poop and--eventually--cooks and heats with poop. Now, I know what you are thinking; "Nate, I don't like poop. In fact I cant think of a single human being that enjoys poop in anyway." And I totally agree with you! There are large chunks of my life where I have denied, outright, that any girls poop or fart in anyway. Well, as it turns out, they do both aforementioned things and, while I am still reeling in a "Santa is not real" kind of way, I am thinking it is, perhaps, a good thing-- thanks to the LooWatt and the plethora of jokes that come with it.

It works like lighting a fart on fire... Did you know you CAN light a fart on fire? (For the record I didn't believe it until I witnessed a friend do it with my own eyes, needless to say much congratulating and money exchanging ensued.) Well the LooWatt acts exactly like that except on a much larger scale. Check out the video on their home page.

Did you watch it? Amazing right? Now your job is to write a joke and post it in the comments section. Here are some of my submissions to get you started:

"I just dropped enough Watts to send Marty back to the Future!"

"My Watt was S shaped."

"Pros v. Cons. Pro: it is free energy; Con: It makes it a lot harder to picture message large accomplishments to your friends."