from threadless
Take a look at these shirts.  See the top one with the milk carton?  It's about $85. And the cargo plane? Only a mere $300,000. It's a little more expensive than your average tee, because the graphic on the shirt represents exactly what your donation to UNICEF will deliver to the Horn of Africa. Pretty nifty, eh?

Artists, Christine and Justin Gignac, partnered with UNICEF to do the artwork for the shirts.  Their site, Wants for Sale, sells artwork they have done that illustrates things they are going to buy.  

Painting of  a slice of pepperoni pizza? Three bucks. One beer? Seven bucks. Financial security? 1 million bucks (that one hasn't sold yet). So, you get the idea.  I think it's so clever and funny. 

Check out Wants for Sale and read on to see more Good Shirts pics.

mosquito nets, $18.57
water pump, $500