Welcome to tweaked(green)'s first post in our, "DANGER," series.  Here, we will update you with information about problems we face within our environment.  Sometimes it's scary, but we see it as an excellent motivator for change.

Yesterday in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, there was a story about potential groundwater contamination from leaking coal ash ponds at the Labadie power plant.  According to the article, 55,000 gallons of water per day, from coal ash ponds, have been leaking into the surrounding area for the last 19 years. 

Coal ash is created by burning coal for energy and is collected to prevent air pollution.  Water is used to flush out the powdery substance, sometimes known to contain toxic chemicals, and is stored in ponds. Within the article, it was relayed that Ameren has been aware of the leaks, but has not tested the area because they are not (yet) required to by law.  

Troublesome articles such as these, make us wonder, is coal still the way to go? I've heard energy officials from Ameren say coal will continue to be a main source of energy because it is so cheap to buy.  But as government regulation increases and the amount of money needed to prevent environmental hazards increases, costs for consumers also increase. 

How would this make you feel if it happened in your area?  Or if this is your area, how do you feel?

[thanks!-for the images: (2) KRCU News- http://www.flickr.com/photos/59961176@N08/]